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Camp Navarro’s onsite housing is best described as glamorous camping (or “glamping”). Cabins, teepee tents, and adirondack cabins are furnished with comfortable pillows, mattresses, and bedding (either sheets & blanket or a sleeping bag). RV and tent spots are available as well if you want to bring your own camper or tent. If none of those options suit you, offsite accommodations can be made, but we encourage as many guests as possible to stay with us at Camp Navarro.


Onsite Accommodations

Glamping options ($175 per person for the entire weekend)

All glamping accommodations include:

  • Beds (foam mattresses)

  • Bedding (sheets and covers or a sleeping bag)

  • Pillows

Glamping accommodations do NOT include:

  • Towels (So please pack your own.)


Teepee Tent (2-4 guests)
Teepee tents are clustered into small communities in different locations on site (see map).

($175 per person for the entire weekend)


Adirondack Cabin (4-5 guests)
The Adirondacks have large canvas curtains that act as a door and fourth wall. There are groupings of 2-5 Adirondack cabins around the site (see map). Each group is set up to be a small village.

($175 per person for the entire weekend)


Cabins (6-9 guests)
These cozy cabins come in various shapes and sizes and are located near the main lodge (see map).

($175 per person for the entire weekend)


RV and Tent options (pay per spot)


RV spot
Camp Navarro has an RV zone with roughly one dozen total spots available. Spots with electrical hookups cost $250 for the weekend and spots without electrical hookups cost $200 for the weekend. None of the RV spots have sanitation hookups. You’ll need to rent and bring your own RV.

($200 or $250 per spot for the weekend)


Tent spot
If you’d like to stay in your own tent, go for it! There are designated campgrounds onsite for tents of all sizes. You’ll need to bring a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, and other supplies.

($150 per spot for the weekend)


Bathrooms and showers

There are many shared bathrooms and shower areas spread throughout the property, including several that are clustered close to glamping areas (see map). They all have hot running water and flushing toilets—clean, modern bathrooms and showers.

Camp Navarro frequently hosts events with 300+ people and these facilities are set up to handle high capacities. This wedding will be a cinch!


Offsite Accommodations

While we hope you stay with us onsite, we understand that glamping is not for everyone. For those who prefer to stay in a hotel or other offsite accommodation, Heritage House Resort may be a good place to begin your search.

Here are additional nearby locations where you can find accommodations:

  • Mendocino coast (~30+ mins)

  • Ukiah (~60mins)

  • Fort-Bragg (~60mins)

  • Cloverdale (~60mins)

  • and

  • A few lodges in Philo/Booneville (~20-30mins) — Based on our research, it seems these are mostly booked.

Note: This general region in Mendocino county is a popular tourist spot, so we recommend that you make reservations as soon as possible.